Thursday, 31 May 2018

Another hot bank holiday weekend

This is twice now that the weather forecasters (in this area) have got the holiday weekends wrong ... thunder and lightening was supposed to happen on most days. 

Instead we had glorious days except on Saturday morning when we walked into Egham for a few supplies and got soaked on the way home.

 It cleared up shortly afterwards and stayed that way until evening
Saturday night and well into Sunday morning we had an enormous storm, lots of thunder and lightening and I hoped that it would make the day a bit less humid, but that was not to be and Sunday was hot once again.  On Bank holiday Monday (28th May) there were still yellow storm warnings but was very cloudy and humid again.  We spent most of the day on the back deck, reading, chatting and watching the world go by ...
 Nice privately owned boats
 The Lucy Fisher trip boat
 Small boats
 Oh, and the National Trust cut the grass paths too
 Speedy boats who put their brakes on when the saw us watching
 and leisurely cruisers
 Boys and their toys
 Families having fun
and hire boats too.

Hope all my readers enjoyed their weekend no matter the weather.


Unknown said...

love reading your blog

Carol said...

Thank you Clive.