Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Langham Ponds

Sunday (13ty May) 
 Escapees from someones celebration I think (photo by George)

It was cloudy and quite cool even on the back deck today so we thought some exercise would warm us up.

 After an early lunch, wearing lightweight fleeces we set off once again over the wild flower meadow here at Runnymede

Passing the tree that has recently been damaged by fire
 We crossed another meadow and here looking back at Runnymede's lodges
 ... and eventually seeing our destination, Langham Ponds (11on the map)

 Over a stile onto a grazing meadow and we were glad that these cows ignored us
 through a kissing gate
 and along the ponds edges where it was a bit squelchy in places where the cattle had been
 over the rickety bridge

which in several placed needs repairing as we had to be very careful as some of the planks were rotten, loose or missing altogether!
 Across another lovely meadow, so nice to see the yellow as buttercups instead of the large expanses of yellow fields full of Rape.

The sun had finally broken through the clouds as we headed back over the road to the Pleasure Park on our way home

 I could see that this Egyptian Goose was going to fly into the river and had hoped to get a picture of his wings spread wide but was a fraction of a second too late 

found this picture on the internet of the geese in flight showing the pattern on the wings look like Egyptian hieroglyphics 
 We stopped off at the statue of Queen Elisabeth II and sat down to eat a very welcome ice cream
with a great view of Cooper's Wood above the bend in the River Thames
The Lucy Fisher has been out and about this weekend too
A splendid sunset to end the day.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi you two!

This is a lovely post with pictures that just absolutely captured the day and the wonderful weather. It is clear you know the Thames well and have your favorite spots.

Love Jaq xxx

KevinTOO said...

I hope you didn't keep George waiting too long at the kissing gate for his 'reward'... LOL

Carol said...

Thanks Jaq, you're right we are getting to know the Thames a little bit more every summer and Runnymede is one of my favourite spots. Hope you are well. xx

Carol said...

A lady never tells Kevin TOO! x