Saturday, 12 May 2018

Finding Tesco

6am (Wed 9th May) 

and the sun will soon clear the trees
Two hours later and I leave George to untie Still Rockin', take her into the stream to wind (turn) and follow me down to Boveney Lock; the lock keeper won't be on duty for another hour yet.
Going down!
We're soon through the lock and approaching Windsor.  There's a few moorings available today except for this one

which has this small dinghy moored smack bang in the middle of it.

and this one.  The fallen tree has been there a while now.
The notice in this boat's window caught my eye - it's for sale £68½k, apparently it's a rare 1923 iron hulled Dutch barge if you're interested.
Waiting for owners to return perhaps 
Passing Windsor Castle
... HM is at home
and approaching Windsor/Eton bridge
Eton College Boat Houses
The previous building here was a much gentler shape and of a similar era to the building to the left.  I know which one I prefer.

Coming into Romney Lock cut.  The right-hand photo is the Archimedes Screw on the lock's weir but it's difficult to see from this side because of the vegetation.
YouTube video taken from the weir side of Romney's screw (21 seconds)

Romney lock is on self service and SR is approaching the open gate

Waiting while I let the water down

Out of the lock, gates and sluices closed, waiting to pick me up.

The second of only two boats we saw on the move today

Windsor Railway bridge no longer in service

What's occurring here then?
Under Victoria Bridge

a four day event starting today (9th-13th May).
I bet the Queen was enjoying the opening day especially as one of her part-bred Arab was a champion.  The Duke also made an appearance at the show.
lots of waving to and from those attending
Heron's obviously can't read!
Through Albert's Bridge
and through Old Windsor Lock, with a lockie on duty
Just look at all those baby Chestnut trees!

Wot! No windows?

In need of lots of TLC

The eagle has landed

Babies dashing about like mad things
Nearing our destination
Left, our second choice and right our first choice of mooring but not today
That's our mooring for now ... Tesco delivery due between 4 and 5pm.  
We may stay the night after the delivery and move back to our favourite Runnymede moorings in the morning.


Tony Cates said...

Surely the railway bridge downstream OF Romney Lock is still in use serving the line into Windsor & Eton Waterside Station.

Vallypee said...

I love your photo travelogues, Carol. The heron picture made me laugh. It looks as if the weather is being kind to you too!

Carol said...

Hi Tony, thanks for commenting. My mistake - I should have given the disused railway bridge its proper name of Black Potts Railway Bridge. The bridge that serves Windsor and Eaton is called Windsor Railway Bridge and is painted blue where it passes over the Thames.

Carol said...

Hi Val, thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy my photo journeys or should I say firings - I love that expression.