Thursday, 10 May 2018

Bank Holiday Weekend

Sunset last Friday (4th May) from our wild mooring near Windsor
and rising against the houses opposite our mooring on Saturday at 6am
Approaching Heathrow at regular intervals even at this time in the morning with the moon still quite high in the sky.

We'd woken to a slight 'tip' to Still Rockin', the River Thames current on this reach has decreased over night and the level has dropped.  We pulled on some clothes and went out to see what could be done.  As the water level had gone down Still Rockin' had settled on the boulder I mentioned in my last post and we were only a couple of inches away from the cruiser behind us.  We tried to  push her off to no avail so whilst I held the bow rope George untied the stern and took SR well out into the stream, motored forward and brought her back in again.  Still not perfect but at least we were level again. Time to go back to bed with a cuppa tea.
It was going to be another hot day!
Sunday (6th May) Wallingford Regatta was taking place on Dorney Olympic Lake
so we went for a look-see

before it became to hot to be in the sun.
After lunch George decided it was time to sweep and take down the chimney, clean out the fire and pack it all away.  I hope we don't regret doing it!
Bank Holiday Monday at 4pm and the heat rising from the roof of Still Rockin' was nearly 44°c!  Far too hot to be anywhere but inside with both fans going full tilt!

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