Friday, 18 May 2018

Babies, ponies, and another bbq!

Still moored at Dorney and the sun is still rather warm
Mrs Swan takes all eight youngsters out for a stroll
A lovely setting over the river from the deck
I went with Sue to the farm where she promises me I'll get the best eggs ... ever ... and we shall see ponies!

I'd had my back to Sue as I was stroking the muzzles of the two Shetland Ponies at the rear of the stables and Sue startled me as I turned around!

Two sisters run this pony sanctuary and I can tell you that these rescue ponies have the best life, the bedding in the stalls is about 2" deep and there are no horse droppings visible anywhere and no steaming mound of the stuff either!
The whole place is immaculate.
There is sometimes a German Shepherd dog at the farm so Sue told her collies Meg and Penny to lie down and stay outside the second gate into the property but Meg came to find her, ears down, knowing that she shouldn't, but worried that Mum had been gone too long.  Penny had moved too, but only across the track to lie in the shade.

The Swan family came avisiting!
6:30 and the temperature is about 24°c but at last a bit of shade is reaching 'our' patch ... time to light the bbq 
Mr and Mrs Greylag-Goose taking an evening stroll with their two offspring.
... and there we are!


Vallypee said...

Those ponies look very happy! I love to see animals being so well cared for. What a dear dog Meg looks. Don’t you miss having a dog? I would love to have another, but won’t until I am retired and don’t have to leave her/him.

Carol said...

They do don't they! We miss our dog sooo much Val even after 18 months, the boat is empty without her, but we've decided not to have another one. Molly suffered greatly from separation anxiety and we couldn't leave her at all so for the 9 years of her life everywhere we went so did she. Now we want some freedom to come and go as we like and have booked a long holiday to Australia early next year to stay with my brother and family in Perth, with friends in Melbourne and a week in Sydney too. This is our golden wedding anniversary present to ourselves!