Saturday, 21 April 2018

Night sky and sunset

This was the night sky just after 8pm on Wednesday 18th April before we left the marina the following morning.  
The photo on the right we think is Venus (click on the link to the Jodrell Bank Centre Night Sky for April).

Looking west after sunset on the 19th and given a very low western horizon, one might be able to spot Venus lying below a very thin crescent Moon, just two days after new.

This was the view looking in the same direction at 05:30 on the 19th and wonder if this could be Hyades - any astrologers out there?
 One last photo of Still Rockin' in her winter mooring.

We were amazed once we'd moored up on Medmenham meadow how busy the river was especially as for the past 10 days the river was on red boards (do not navigate) for 7 locks above this reach and 6 locks below which meant that the only reach navigable was actually this one!
 Our walk in the afternoon (both of us wearing t-shirt and shorts) was a new found one heading towards Marlow

 ... but we turned back at this gate and it was just a bit too gloopy!
 A Song Thrush egg George found on the verge
 View through the window from inside Still Rockin'!!!
An absolutely glorious sunset ... 
this is what I've missed most whilst in the marina because the 
out-of-the-water cruisers blocked the view.

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