Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Dog fight over the Thames

But before that an update on river levels ...
 This was yesterday's level a few inches above 9'
and this is this morning - just one inch above 9' - drop of just 1"

The red boards are still displayed on Hambleden Lock and checking the river conditions with the EA this morning show that including Hambleden reach (stretch of water between two locks) there are six locks upstream on red boards and five below us.
 It still remains to be seen if we manage to move tomorrow (Wednesday)

Now back to yesterday's (16th April) dog fight over the River Thames here at Hambleden Marina


... and what's going on at the marina today this morning ...
 Marina staff are starting to move boats ...

ready for craning the cruisers which have over-wintered on the grass back into the river 
 Houseboat Gypsy Willow is now uncovered
 Gypsy Willow and Still Rockin'
Ben and Richard have moved the pontoon which was strapped to Gypsy Willow out of the mill stream into the weir stream and Ben is having to work the motor hard in the strong current to turn around.  So as I said earlier ... we'll have to wait and see if we can move tomorrow.

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