Thursday, 19 April 2018


Our bid for freedom started at 08:30 this morning
 ... as we reversed away from our home pontoon
 George expertly steered us, still in reverse through the narrow stream past the cruisers and through the weir stream where the craning in of the small cruisers is just about to commence.
 ... and here we go heading downstream, the current is still lively but the turns have been ok
 Approaching Culham Court
 ... and its wonderful display of daffodils and narcissi 
 It all looks very calm!
 That's our space and it's not quite 9am yet!
 George doing is 'happy to be here' dance!
 ... and by 10:15 we've got our feet up in the sunshine
 ... with fantastic views
 We went for a walk this afternoon, there are some stunning houses here
And this is what he's waited for since the end of October



Paul said...

Like a restless caged bird, SR is at last set free to float away and glide along the Thames. Happy cruising.

(We are still caged :(( )


Vallypee said...

Woohoo! You’re free and out there! Fantastic! And what beautiful weather too...fare well, both of you!

Adam said...

Might have known George wouldn’t be able to resist a barbecue!

Andy said...

Great to see you moving, we have decided for the first time in 5 years not to have a Gold license, but looking at your pictures we are already regretting that decision.

Lisa said...

So your first cruise sounds as short as ours!!! Change in he weather here already.
Love Lisa xx