Thursday, 5 April 2018

A lovely day, but another delay

 The moon this morning at 7am in a clear blue sky started a good day 
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 Waiting for the bus to Marlow, we'd got parcels to post ...
We walked to the lock to look at the high water and saw this Cambrian Cruisers hire boat all the way from Brecon and wondered how long it had been tied to the lock landing and hoping that he'd not got to be back in Brecon any time soon.  The lock keeper will not allow him through the lock when the river is on red boards.  Here at Marlow the lockie has put chains on the gates to prevent boats using it.  
 Looking upstream 
 Submerged pontoons in the little basin to the side of the lock

 Just at the end of the pontoon you can see is the downstream lock landing which you can't see!

 This is what we came to when we walked down to the 24-hour visitor moorings below the lock - it's a no-go area!
Marlow slip stream overflowing ... and the views up and down the river from here ...

 These are the 24-hour free moorings above Marlow lock ...
 ... and I bet most of these boats were moored there a few days ago. I wonder how they feel about paying £10 per night on these council-run moorings!
 When we got back to the marina there were police and underwater search and rescue vehicles and officers ...
... apparently an elderly gentleman went out to look at his boat (further upstream from here) yesterday morning and after 45 minutes hadn't returned to his home so his wife contacted the police.  It is assumed that he has fallen into the river and with the water so high and fast flowing the divers have been having real problems trying to find him.  
The search and rescue team have left one of their boats here so they'll probably continue the search tomorrow.

And the delay?  We've been notified this afternoon that due to the current river conditions our leaving date has been put back another week and is now Monday 16th April.


Adam said...

My guess is that it’s an ex Cambrian Cruisers boat — seeing as the Mon and Brec isn’t actually connected to the network.

Carol said...

Your guess Adam, I'm sure is right, thank you!