Sunday, 8 April 2018

A good day for the birds

Taken on 31st March, this kingfisher is sitting on a branch over the swollen stream just behind Still Rockin' and which flows from the Chiltern hills into the Thames.  My arms were starting to ache and shake as I had to hold the camera quite high and of course as soon as I stopped filming, he dived!

Cormorants just love the high ground!
New comers on 1st April ...
Red Legged Partridge ... lovely faces.

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Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Hi Carol & George.

Getting there, taking longer than expected, but started engine for first time on Friday, all OK but radiator still leaking. Ho hum. I will have o take it to the specialist to sort.

However I thought you would be on your way by now, but the Thames and the weather doing its best to keep you at the marina, but probably safest place for the moment.
We will get to say hi in person one day, in the meantime take care and keep taking this fab photos and videos.
Cheers Mac