Friday, 18 August 2017

That'll do us!

Time to move off from Medmenham yesterday
Approaching Hurley Lock

... and passing Freebody boatyard

Taking down one tree and another already down
Take a left to Temple Lock
... where it was on self-service when we arrived but the lock keeper arrived later to see a queue of wide beam boats through
No, we've not just magic'd ourselves to Windsor
... this is Bisham Abbey once home to Henry VIII and Elizabeth I (but not, I think at the same time)
... from where we can see just what we're looking for ... a mooring
... at Marlow ... how good is that!
The local Bully!
Great views
... last night
... and this morning.


Ken and Sheena said...

Hi Carol. I read Elizabeth was 'confined' (in some comfort) at Bisham Abbey before she was made queen, and that she used to look at the river from the tiny upstairs windows. A young lad also starved to death in the attic rooms, when his mother went partying in london for a month and forgot about him. it's always struck me as a lonely kind of place, even though it looks iconic, serene and beautiful on a summer's day. before wifi and diesel engines, i imagine it was pretty isolated.

nice spot in Marlow. Free too. wehey.
very very jammy for this time of year. :))

Carol said...

Thanks for that information re Bisham Abbey Ken, most interesting, we often think how places used to look way back in their own time. Yes we were very lucky to get a space at these moorings in Marlow, it's only happened to us once before!