Thursday, 31 August 2017

A birthday girl

7am on Bank Holiday Monday 
... and it's going to be another hot one

George washed and polished the boat sides yesterday and today cleaned the gunwales 
... and the roof ... looking good!
Shensi has cruised past us several times.  It's a new build by Bluewater Boats Ltd.  Looking up the name I found this.  In my opinion it's a nice looking boat and I especially like the window on the stern.

A lone female Mandarin duck so different from the colourful male
The birthday girl came bearing champers.
It was good to eventually be able to catch up properly with Jennie and Chris, our paths have crossed several times over the years but never had the chance to sit and talk.
We enjoyed a lovely bbq and delicious salads followed by a very tasty pudding made by Jennie's fair hand.
We sat and ate on the deck of Still Rockin' and laughed and chatted as the heat cooled
... and the sky turned pink once again.
Another great day on the Thames.

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