Saturday, 5 August 2017

Log man and island moorings

Ten past eight on Tuesday we left our cosy Sonning mooring ...
... I walk downstream to the the lock as it will be on self service at this time of the morning whilst George gets Still Rocking' ready and wind before following.
Although the lock was full and sluices were closed the gates would not open until I'd gone through the process of opening the sluices, no problem, we're not in a hurry and in the meantime a single hander came to go down.
At 156ft long there was no problem fitting him into the lock but at only18ft wide he couldn't come alongside and I brought the two boats safely down and out.
The lock's log security man looks happy and comfortable in his office chair
Looking back as we've safely negotiated Sonning Bridge.  You can see that it's impossible to see anything coming round the bend from either side of the bridge, so it's slowly does it every time.
Uri Geller's house looks as if its now been sold
... and the mooring situation has changed.  It will now cost a bit more than the £10 Uri Geller was charging 
I tool a couple of not very good photos of the new signs ...

 and think the gist of it reads ... 
'By mooring, returning or remaining stationary at this site AT ANY TIME you the person or persons in control of the vessel agree to pay a CHARGE OF £100 PER DAY payable within 28 days. If any of the following conditions are met 
- When payment is not ? at the time of mooring 
- The vessel is' ..... 
photos too blurry to read more  ... click on pictures to enlarge

A little while later we come across another of Dunkirk's little ships Nyula previously called Betty - click the links for interesting reading.
We were soon passing Phillamore's Island where this wooden boat in need of some tender loving care was moored
... and where this narrowboat caught my eye as it looks like an old Napton Narrowboat's hire boat ...

   and looks as if it's chosen a good spot to moore with tents and open space for fun and games ... one to look out for next time we're this way.

Next stop at 9:45 was the services above Shiplake Lock where we emptied and filled as appropriate
... before continuing to the lock which was also on self service but I could see that the bottom gates were open so knew that something was either coming in or just going out.

Waiting for the lock to fill 
... and a boat waiting to use the lock after us so no need to close the gates - lucky!
New thatch and an extension for the new owner
Nice houses around here

Vince Hill's house - remember him?

A right turn takes us round Poplar Eyot and 'our' space is free!
Good views ...
... and our own wild garden.
That'll do us!


Steve Baines said...

Morning Guy's, have spent an enjoyable hour or so reading about your adventures (daily life)both on and off the waterways, always interesting and very informative. will have to meet up again soon. regards Steve & Lynne Xx

Naughty-Cal said...

We went to see the film Dunkirk at the weekend. It was brilliant.

Carol said...

We will Steve. Regards to you both. x

Carol said...

A few people I know who have seen it Rachel, some thought it was good and another thought it was boring(!) and others it was 'should watch but only the once'. A very mixed bag indeed.