Monday, 7 August 2017

An evening cruise that turn's to night

Although at our secluded mooring the Wargrave and Shiplake Regatta and Swim on Friday and Saturday didn't affect us at all we hoped that 
 ... when we untied ourselves from No Problem at 6:30pm on Saturday that the events would all be over and it would be an easy passage.
 Peaceful as we cruise upstream through Wargrave
 ... the tents and marquees are still there on our starboard side (right (pass the port to your left))
 ... and signposts and green bouys to guide boaters
 ...the St George and Dragon pub is heaving
 ... and there's a fountain in the river!
 ... and hundreds of people waiting, watching over the Thames
Green bouys and red buoys ( green on your right going upstream therefore red on your left) and the navigation channel is only about 20' wide (we're 11.5') so we stop and wait for boats to come past us before continuing towards Shiplake Lock
 Looking back
 Flippin'eck I hope that duck is not just floating about in the breeze!
 Get ready, set ....
 ... punters too in the race lane!
 ... think they're still on 'set'
 Well, the duck got safely past us anyway
Even more concentration needed from George as he steers Still Rockin' through the narrow channel and when we reach the top end of the regatta course there's another arrow sign anchored to the river bed that we have to negotiate turning to our right to allow boats leaving the lock to pass on our left as well as straighten up for entry into the lock.
Fortunately all went well.  The lock is on self-service and there's a small cruiser already going in to the far end to allow us in there too.  A lady from a boat waiting to come down was at the lock controls so nothing else to do we ascended Shiplake Lock. It's now 7pm.

We've come upstream to top up our water tank.  Taps with hoses on the River Thames are few and far between so we often need to go back on ourselves for this reason.  The services at Shiplake are above the lock and once done we turned and came back to the lock.
 10 to 8 now and we're back in the lock with cruiser Jobo and her very happy singing and dancing crew following us in.
 That duck again!
 The races have finished now and boats are ferrying spectators across the river to the pub across our bow.

 And the sun starts to set ...
 Dramatic skies

 The moon is rising as we pass through peaceful Wargrave again

 ... giving Sue and Vic and their visitors a toot as we pass them
 ... and continue on our way

 20 to 9 and we've reached Marsh Lock which was being very temperamental, the control lights not in sync with what was actually happening.

 Safely in and I lock us down and George picks me up once the gates and sluices are closed
 We were hoping to find a space on Henley town moorings but nothing just here
 Passing the Angel pub and cruising under the bridge
 ... and I manage to get this picture of Henley's temple all lit up as we spy a Still Rockin' size mooring space where we wind (turn) and hammer in our pins.
Half past nine and we're safely moored up and starving!
Is there a chippy in Henley (or is this town too posh?).  A quick look on Google and yes, about .8 of a mile away across town. A quick call to check that they're still open 'yes' he says 'till 10 every night'.  Brilliant, hands washed, we lock up and set off at a good pace and reach the fish and chip shop at 9:45 for two lots of chips to eat on the way home, and by gum they were good!

It's so good to be on the move on the Thames!


KevinTOO said...

Flippin' 'eck... that's an epic cruise to top-up the water tank... I guess the tap is quite fast at that lock then?

BTW, photos are VG yet again :)

Carol said...

Hi Kevin, It was a bit of a cruise to get water but necessary and certainly 'different'! Thank goodness that particular tap is fast. Kind regards from both of us. x