Sunday, 20 August 2017

Marlow to Bourne End

We left the 24-hour mooring at Marlow on Friday waving cheerio to the lovely couple on cruiser Dalesman in the photo above - true Yorkshire people through and through. If you see them on your travels be sure to say hello!

Marlow lock on self service; George has dropped me off on the landing stage just before the gates and reversed onto the landing stage to wait for the lock to be ready.
With permission from the lock keeper I picked 6 lovely red apples for a pie this weekend.
In we come followed by a couple of day boats
'Moonraker' a brand new three storey contemporary house in Cookham Dean can be yours for only 4.25 million! (not that I'd buy it even if we could afford to!)

Oooo look, there's no-one moored at Bourne End so that's where we'll go today
Mums and babies

Clearing up the duckweed

Out of all the diverse properties on the whole of the Thames that we've cruised
... this is the only one I would contemplate living in and it's just opposite Bourne End moorings where we pulled in for the weekend.

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