Thursday, 31 August 2017

A birthday girl

7am on Bank Holiday Monday 
... and it's going to be another hot one

George washed and polished the boat sides yesterday and today cleaned the gunwales 
... and the roof ... looking good!
Shensi has cruised past us several times.  It's a new build by Bluewater Boats Ltd.  Looking up the name I found this.  In my opinion it's a nice looking boat and I especially like the window on the stern.

A lone female Mandarin duck so different from the colourful male
The birthday girl came bearing champers.
It was good to eventually be able to catch up properly with Jennie and Chris, our paths have crossed several times over the years but never had the chance to sit and talk.
We enjoyed a lovely bbq and delicious salads followed by a very tasty pudding made by Jennie's fair hand.
We sat and ate on the deck of Still Rockin' and laughed and chatted as the heat cooled
... and the sky turned pink once again.
Another great day on the Thames.

Piccadilly Circus Grand Prix!

That's what it was like on the River Thames on a hot and sunny Bank Holiday Sunday! We sat on the deck of Still Rockin' and watched it all happen ... most entertaining indeed!
Later when the heat dissipated a bit we went for a short walk around Medmenham meadow

Peace at last!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

On a mission

We left our Bourne End mooring yesterday morning winding (turning) to retrace our steps upstream).  We've been here a week to receive our visitors and to wait for the Webasto spare part to be delivered and fitted and you'll be pleased to hear that all is now up and running nicely once again.
We were soon approaching Marlow Lock the first of three today
A wonderful view of Marlow weir, bridge and beautiful church
Other boats are on the move too
... or is this one the exception? It's in exactly the same place as it was when we left over a week ago.  Of course I may be wrong but I don't think so.
Lock number two, Temple Lock
... where there are boats exiting so we don't have to wait
Less than ¼ mile and we're at Hurley Lock where we use the services at the top before continuing through the narrow channel

... where 'sod's law' says that other boats will be met on the bends!
Always a good picture ... Mednemham Abbey
... and we're very soon in another of our very favourite moorings on Mednemham meadow for the Bank Holiday weekend
I hope this good weather lasts a bit longer and by the looks of this stunning sunset tomorrow will be just as good.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Very special visitors

On Wednesday whilst waiting for our guests to arrive ...

 we watched the swan anitics
 ... not quite sure why he's doing this to the other two
 ... but I'm presuming that this was the result he was after!

We met our visitors at the Spade Oak where they could leave their car overnight and had a couple of drinks with them before returning to Still Rockin'.  We ate at the pub in the evening but sorry, I didn't take any photos ... far too busy catching up with them since we'd not seen them for two years.
Sunset just before 9 at Bourne End
Yesterday started with a cooked breakfast, bacon, tomato, mushrooms and eggs. George chose to have his on a toasted, buttered tea cake!  Whilst George and I did the dishes my brother Garry and sister-in-law Sue who live in Perth, Australia sat in the bow relaxing.
After a walk around the High Street of Bourne End we headed along the Thames Path, over the railway bridge and back along the other side to The Bounty

 ... a very quirky pub and eatery

Husband's please note.

 Sue, Garry, George and me
That was a really good cuppa tea too
Garry and Sue
George thought that we were eating at The Bounty and was looking forward to Ham, Eggs and Chips and so was really disappointed when no one else was hungry so soon after breakfast.
Still Rockin' is just over George's shoulder
We walked back home and finished off the tea cakes
 ... before it was time for them to leave

We've had a fantastic 24 hours in their company and were sorry to see them go but we'll see them again in about 18 months ... in Australia!

And as a footnote ... we had ham and eggs and chips at tea time but on board not at the pub.