Thursday, 29 June 2017

Where did we get to?

... not as far as we'd originally intended!
 10 am Monday and we've been to Cleeve and back for water ...
 It was good to see Hambleden Marina's 'Gypsy Willow' out and about above Wallingford Bridge with Ben and friend onboard.

Cafe busy at Benson but not many hire boats out and about

 Stunning Shillingford Bridge

The most beautiful boathouse on the River Thames, just look at that ornate brickwork - marvellous!

Just a few yards afterward we thought we'd pull in if we could find a deep enough mooring but this one wasn't so we pulled away again and saw another immediately on the other side of the river
 ... from where I took these pictures - as I said not as far as we originally intended but this will do to while away a couple of days.
 180° panorama from our mooring - good hey?
 The sun was out and it was lovely and warm so guess what we did for the rest of the day?
 George doing a bit of gardening to make space for the BBQ - heaven!
 The view from the bow - we shall explore this tomorrow
 Snug as a bug in a rug!
Out exploring ... what's this hulk of rust ...

Looks like it started out as someone's project but now looks like it has a wildlife garden in it

 By climbing a five-bar gate we managed to get to the main road passing the Shillingford Hotel in the distance
 Shillingford Bridge
 One way only over the bridge - but watch out for the ducks!
 Empty swimming pool at the hotel
Gosh, that's a rather large cruiser passing by later in the afternoon.
It's been a good couple of day here even though the internet is a bit hit and miss.


Silvia said...

Hello Carol and George, THank you so much for being such amazing hosts yesterday and telling us all the secrets you could think of that could help us take the right decisions. Lovely blog you've got there. We've started our own:
Hope to see more of you,
Silvia & Ewan with Jack

Carol said...

It was good to meet you both. Good luck with all your dreams.

Silvia said...

Thanks so much :) Thanks for adding our blog. We've added yours, too. All the very best x

John and Jenny said...

Hi Carol and George,

What stunning pics! Every pic tells a beautiful story.

Thank you very much for adding us to your list of boaters! Very much appreciated.

Happy days John and Jennifer on NB Cyan x

Carol said...

Thanks Silvia.

Carol said...

You're very welcome NB Cyan.