Wednesday, 28 June 2017

There and back again ...

Monday 5 am - a stunning sunrise at Wallingford
The sun is already burning a mist from the River Thames
Chris on fuel boat Merchant passes by with a wave

... at just 5:15 - just look at those wonderful colours!
20 past 6 and we're pulling away from our cosy mooring and winding in the river to turn once again downstream
The Thames at its best ...
... in the early morning
Our destination was Cleeve Lock to refill the water tank and are now winding again to return upstream
Not a 100% sure but think this is a Red Kite - anyone confirm?
It's a plain ordinary Buzzard!
He is looking directly at us - what great luck today!
The very decorative Moulsford Bridge, a pair of parallel bridges
... the first bridge build by I K Brunel in 1838 of red brick with Bath stone quoins and 4 skewed arches
The second bridge was built in the same manner in 1892 upstream of the original and providing four rail tracks in total.  The jagged pattern at the face of this bridge is created by the uncut bricks.
A first for us on Still Rockin' ... we're overtaking a narrowboat!
9 am and we're back where we started from at Wallingford
... but we're not stopping again and continue on our way to ...
watch this space!

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