Sunday, 4 June 2017

A day out to ...

Beale Park Boat and Outdoor Show 2017 - took place on and around the lake ... the pictures will set the scene ... click on any of them to enlarge.

Small fold-up boat

We bought this one, it's so comfy as was the rocker George was sitting on.

Boat Auction

This is the beauty we saw moored on the Thames the previous day

A last glance back as we leave the show
A bbq late afternoon rounded off another great day.

PS... I only realised when linking this post to the show website that there was an entry fee but there were no ticket offices on any of the entrances to the site from the riverside.  At £8 each I don't think we'd have gone in although for free it was a jolly good show!


Jennie said...

Fabulous photos Carol and it looks as though it was a great day out. Jennie

KevinTOO said...

Aren't those traditional wooden launches delightful :)

Shame the same can't be said the same for the Pug... is that powered by an inboard outboard or perhaps an outboard inboard engine?

Love the chairs too, but can't quite visualise George's impression of Val Doonican... LOL

Looks you had a good 'free' day out ;)

Carol said...

It was indeed a great day Jennie, thanks for the comment.

Carol said...

There were so many beautiful wooden boats Kevin it was hard to choose which was the best. George as Val Doonican made me smile!

Vallypee said...

A wonderful show, Carol! I must say I was captivated by the sight of the Pug pulling the baby Pug. Ultra cuteness value! That chair looks beautifully made!

Carol said...

For me the Pug pulling the baby Pug was definitely best in show! My chair is very comfy Vally, I'm sitting on it right now!
I'm told that one of the boats that was auctioned was bought for only £200 but there was absolutely nothing that we saw there which was worth so little so someone got a great bargain!