Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Last day at Beale Park

Out walking on Monday afternoon, our circular walks usually take us up the meadow turning left at the top and through the next field onto a track where we turn left passing St Bartholomew's Church and continue on through the vehicle exit of Beale Park and return to Still Rockin' via the river.
But Monday we took a right over the new Church Lane Railway Bridge because I wanted to find the entrance to the National Trust property Basildon House and Park which we visited by car in March this year but couldn't see a way of getting there on foot.

 We turned left when we came to the main road
 ... and just over half a mile later here it is.  So next time you're moored at Beale Park this is a grand place to spend quite a few hours in the house, garden and park, I know that we certainly will.
We continued our walk along the pavement until it came to an end at the next railway bridge but our destination was only 200 metres  away and we were at the road entrance to Beale Park where we hoped we could buy an ice cream but unfortunately although it was only 3:30 it was closed.
Back at the River Thames I took this panorama shot of Canada Geese, there must have been at least 50 of them all in a line.

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