Friday, 16 June 2017

Streatley in the sunshine

 The setting in and around Goring Lock is delightful
 The Swan at Streatley is getting a big makeover
 with substantial piling going in along the riverbank

It is thought that there was a church here in Saxon times as relics of Roman origin have been found in the churchyard.
St Mary's was build in 13 century and the chancel dates from 1220.
In 1864 the church was practically rebuilt as the south aisle was in a state of collapse, the roof was preserved complete and raised to its present height.

 Note that each row of pews has its own door.

 View of Goring Lock from the reach above
Looking towards Cleeve Lock where we walked to check out moorings for tomorrow.


Alf said...

Above Cleeve Lock, about half a mile beyond The Leathern Bottel on the towpath side is a short length of piling, with trees to shade the boat, used to be £4 per day (though we never had it collected) lovely spot !

Carol said...

Thanks Alf we'll check that out.

Sue said...

There is a no mooring sign there now Alf but there is a mooring just upstream before those trees right at the end of the big meadow after leaving Goring Lock which is rather nice. If I remember rightly it is signed at £4 a day but nobody came to collect

Carol said...

Thanks Sue