Saturday, 28 May 2016

Lots to do

We’ve not been idle whilst moored at Brentford, there’s always plenty to do...
We’ve had the pram cover off and George has scrubbed it with Fabsil both on the inside and outside to remove all the winter grime and green.  We had good fun with the hose rinsing the soap off afterwards and putting the dripping canopy back onto the framework, but it’s all done now and it looks like new once more.
My garden has been tidied up and is now blooming.

Last week our satellite dish stopped working and once again we had the dilemma of how to organise a collection point here, delivery to Norfolk and its safe return before we go onto the Thames.  The dish is large and we purchased the biggest box we could get but it was obvious that once it was wrapped in sufficient bubble wrap to keep it in one piece it wasn’t going to fit in the box!  In the end we hired a car from Enterprise (what would we boaters do without them?) and early on Tuesday morning George drove the 3-hours to Maxview where the dish was repaired in just a couple of hours under warranty and George was back again just after midday.  It was refitted to the roof of SR on Wednesday and is now working perfectly.

Still Rockin’ has been washed and polished to an inch of its life and George is a happy chappy.

The decision has been made to drop down onto the Thames on Sunday morning and we’re currently waiting for a return call from Thames Lock to confirm our place on the 8:40 tide.  I’m always a bit anxious at this time and hope that all goes well.


Sue said...

Stop worrying Carol! Once you get out there it will be fine and you know you will enjoy it!! See you soon!

Garry said...

You two really look to be enjoying life on the river/canal waves, must speak to you soon. We are all really good here in Oz, I'm trying to get over a cough and cold at the moment, Sue say's it's man flu!!!!! We are all going through the Citizenship process at the moment as we can apply after four years and that was up after March. Ryan and Kye have interviews on Tuesday. It's a funny process but it has to be done. Hope your both keeping well and as I said earlier, will speak to you soon, Lots of love. Garry (and Sue) xxxx

Carol said...

I know Sue, it’s just that tidal bit that gets me. In the event we came up yesterday evening in the sunshine. Once I’m on the tide there’s so much to look out for, boats, rowers etc and being a sunny Saturday it was busy! Can’t wait to see XL! x

Carol said...

We are Garry, life is good! I keep saying the same thing about ringing you but it’s usually when you’ll be in bed. It will be good to talk. Good luck with the citizenship. Love to all. xx