Saturday, 21 May 2016

Change of mind and our delivery arrives ...

Still Monday 16th May (was a busy day!) …
After walking along the Great Western Road past those wonderful Art Deco buildings we checked how the delivery man would be able to reach our mooring and decided it was maybe too difficult.  When we got back to SR George walked on into the basin to see what moorings were available there and ringing me to say get ready to cast off there’s an excellent mooring free right now!
Leaving our original mooring by the riverside hospital.  These are excellent mooring now that iron rings have been put in recently, though can be a bit noisy from the road.
 Coming into Brentford basin
… and our current views … not bad at all!
 A couple of rather nice barges moored here too.
The moorings on the pontoons here are owned and managed by CRT, there are I think 37 moorings in total, 5 of them being residential,  there are currently no vacancies and I couldn’t find any information on the costs but I bet they’re expensive!

The delivery man will now be able to drive right up to the boat.
 After all the cr*p we’d come through at Osterley and Clitheroe locks it was time for a visit down the weed hatch
… lots of plastic binding and bags were removed
 … leaving the prop neat and tidy.

Tuesday evening, earlier than expected our delivery arrived in the shape of our son on his motor scooter (not a Vespa!) which he parks on the stern of Still Rockin’.  We had a very pleasant evening with him over dinner and as he was able to stay overnight it was very relaxed.  It’s great to be able to catch up with him when we’re this far south.

And the delivery?  …   Watch this space!


Herbie Neil said...

Oh Carol, you've been teasing us for days about this 'delivery'! Now what could he be bringing on the back of a scooter......?
Kath (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

Not much longer to wait Kath, please be patient. x

Carol said...

Hi Vallypee, Thank you for the 2 messages received from you this morning. I’m really sorry but I’ve clicked delete instead of publish on them … too early in the morning or a senior moment. Sorry. Your patience will be sorted today re the delivery! xx