Friday, 29 January 2016

A beautiful day for a walk

That was yesterday; -3 when we got up, +6 just a couple of hours later and measuring a balmy 12 when we set out.

Contractors are renewing the wooden barriers along the water front opposite our mooring and a good job they’re making of it too.
 Troy Cut, there is a path on the left but too muddy to explore at the moment.
 Lots of these birds around here, I think they’re Little Terns.
Molly trots on ahead and look what’s on the bridge parapet
 … he/she’s a beauty!
 Unusual weir here and lots of tumbling water too
 … with Pynesfield Lake beyond which is part of the Colne Valley Regional Park and consists of over 60 lakes.
Couldn’t resist putting these photos on the blog; he certainly is a beautiful swan.
 Taking a peep over the hedge into the land surrounding
 … which is for sale at a cool £2,450,000!
 We continued our walk over Black Jack’s Bridge and up the hill
 … from where you can see for miles and miles even past the motorway
Our circular walk is nearly finished when we see this information plaque giving details of a walk which includes the few miles we’ve just done.  As an added bonus we discover that a bus runs from here every 20-minutes to Uxbridge which may come in very handy for collecting our post.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

I hope you are still close by this lovely walk - get yourselves back up the hill across from Black Jack's and go to the Old Orchard pub for lunch - if it's a lovely day, sit out on the verandah and look out over the park. Just wonderful!
Barry (remember him?), David and I went up there by mistake - we were looking for the pub in the village - and found the Old Orchard instead and declared it one of two of the best pubs we'd been to from the canal. (The other is The Boot in Soulbury village itself.)
When Barry and I ventured in to the Colne Valley Park in summer, we were disappointed because we couldn't see any of the lakes as the vegetation was so high. We did think it would be better in winter when the leaves had fallen and the views would be clearer.
Lovely hot sunny days here in Wellington - but 12 degrees in January near Uxbridge isn't too shabby either!
Big hugs to you both, M&Dx

Carol said...

Hi Marilyn, good to hear from you. We have walked that way some time ago but I can’t remember seeing the pub. So that’s a walk we can do on our way of the Thames at the end of the summer. Sorted your cruising plans yet? xx

Sue said...

That is a stunning photo of the heron Carol xx

Vallypee said...

Beautiful, Carol. Your photos give me a deep nostalgia for England. I do miss it sometimes. What a lovely walk!

Carol said...

Thank you Sue xx

Carol said...

Thank you Vallypee, have you lived in the Netherlands for long?