Thursday, 14 January 2016

Moving on

 It was 10:45 yesterday by the time we’d filled the water tank and dropped down the one and only lock for today.  The weather is very cold but dry and the sun did break through later … a great day to move on.

Passing Cassiobury Wharf and historic working boats
Clockwise from the top: -
The butty (a boat which is towed and has no engine) in the centre looks as if it’s being repainted and I could see no indication of it’s name.
Just under an hour later and we’re moored up at Croxley Green.

I’ve an appointment in Tring on Friday so we may stay here over the weekend too and hope that we don’t get iced in as the temperature is forecast below freezing for the next 4/5 days.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Brrrr! Cold up here too. We went up to the bottom of Cape Locks yesterday, filled up and turned the boat manually, stopped at Tesco to get our Click and Collect order, stopped at Morrisons for lemons (we forgot to order them from Tesco!) and Les surprised me with two tubs of Haagen Daz Coffee ice cream! So far Morrisons is the only store carrying it. We've had it in the States for 20 years. If you like coffee then you must try it. Even Les says it is almost the best ice cream he's had. Morrisons has it on sale now two for £2. We are moored up back across from Radford Hill Farm and the parish church of St. Nicholas. If it looks like the canal will freeze we will turn and make a break for it back up toward Cape locks and the water point up there. Stay warm and dry! Hugs and love to all three of you! xxx

Carol said...

Hi Jaq, freezing is a bit of a worry, we want to be below Packet Boat Marina as there’s a stoppage there in February so don’t want to be delayed just at the moment. Love Haagen Daz ice cream, but don’t like coffee, but thanks for the heads up! Hugs back at you two! and like you say, stay warm and dry/