Monday, 4 January 2016

Not as far as we intended!

 Pulled the pins from Bourne end just before 9 this morning
After ¼ of a mile and into our 2nd lock George announced that it was raining (I couldn’t even see or feel any rain) and that we should pull in below the lock (Winkwell) rather than get wet. The very, very slight drizzle had cleared up by the time we’d finished mooring up at just 10 o'clock, but never mind there’s a pub here (Three Horseshoes); that’ll save me cooking and I made the executive decision that we should eat our main meal at lunchtime  today rather than this evening.
 And look who turned up a few minutes later, it’s Jules and Richard, hi Richard!
At the Three Horseshoes
 … by the swing bridge
 I’ll have whatever you have says Molly.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lol! Lovely post. Bourne End is such a sweet spot to moor. With the farm across the way it seems there is always something interesting going on in the animal world. Great to see Jules and Richard too. We sure do miss them up here. Service is very spotty once out of reach of Jules Fuels and their partner Ryan on Southern Star. We buy our diesel at Track these days! Molly is looking well--George too! Love and hugs to all three of you, Jaq and Les xxx

Carol said...

Thanks Jaq. I must say that we’re glad to have such a regular reliable fuel boat in this area. That will be our last delivery from them now until Autumn as we’ll pass out of their area today. Hope that all stays well with you both weatherise, health-wise etc and that your op happens when it is scheduled. Miss you both. xx