Wednesday, 20 January 2016


The maximum temperature yesterday rose to a very chilly 4-degrees and the sun was blinding as we walked into Rickmansworth, our first visit to the town.  It was so cold we only visited the couple of shops that we needed to before returning to our mooring.
There were lights on at the Church of St Mary the Virgin so we popped inside … it was lovely and warm in there but we only stayed long enough to take a few pictures with my phone.

A beautiful church obviously well used.  I especially liked the High Alter with its vibrant windows above, the vaulted wooden ceiling and the 14 stations of the cross around the walls.  We will return another day to have a good look around.
This morning is another chilly one, just minus 8-degrees and the canal is frozen. According to the weather forecast we can expect another very cold night tonight with temperatures of a similar value as this morning and then on Friday it will be wet but warmer so we’re staying put for now.

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Vallypee said...

That church looks lovely. What good photos your phone takes in the low light you find in churches. I don't blame you for staying put in this cold weather...brrrrr