Saturday, 16 January 2016

Minus Six!

That was the temperature on the roof of Still Rockin’ this morning at 7am.  It was probably quite a bit lower than that as the temperature inside below the sensor was a cosy 14 degrees.
There was a skim of ice on the canal but we’re not too worried as the temperature is set to get a bit warmer over the next few days.

It’s been quiet on these moorings at Croxley Green and on the cold dry days we’ve walked into Cassiobury Park and twice into Watford Town.  I had an opticians appointment yesterday … in Tring!  Just a 45 minute walk to the bus stop in Watford, a 1½ hour bus journey (bus pass) and a 10 minute stop in SpecSavers to collect my new glasses and then the journey home.  Out at 9:15 and back at 4pm a long, quite tiring day.


Les Biggs said...

Our first ice this winter also came last night. Nothing to worry about at the moment but if needed we will get closer to a water point.

Carol said...

That’ll be us too Les, we shall move on to Batchtworth on Monday we need shopping etc and if there’s no space there to moor we’ll carry on to Harefield. Currently the temperatures are forecast to rise a little each day for the next 5 days so things should be ok so far as ice is concerned. but we got up to a bit of lying snow this morning! xx

Vallypee said...

That is quite a boat you have there, Carol! It looks both long and wide from your photos. How lovely to be continuosly cruising round England. I must read through your blog! We've had virtually no snow here in Holland and none that has settled. No ice yet either, but it's set to drop to minus five overnight this week. My old diesel stove will be working overtime! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, by the way!

Carol said...

Still Rockin’ is 62½‘ by 11½’ and has all the comforts we need for our travelling. We tend to be ‘fair weather’ cruisers as we’re not usually in any kind of a hurry. Stay warm and dry!