Tuesday, 15 July 2014

We left our Cosgrove mooring at 06:45 descended the lock at filled our water tank at a very slow tap!

Raymond and Nutfield just below the lock waiting for the festival this weekend

Crossing the 200 year old Iron Trunk Aqueduct ...

... and not liking heights this was as close to the outside edge of Still Rockin’ that I could stand to take a photo!

Love this place G dad’s
Collectables, Curious and the quirky!

Blooming Buddleia ... georgeous!

Wolverton near Tesco’s is this amazing statue but I couldn’t see what he’d got on his arm ...
 ... cyclists through the ages and a sparrow!

Another statue in motion on the roof of the smaller building
 A blending of old remodelled and new

The wall mural has recently been renovated/restored

Sods law says it would happen on a bend ... breasted boats ahead!

According to the Historic Narrow Boat Club 104 is Aston and not Ascot(?) with butty Beverley

The Old Wharf House at Linford and Molly keeping an eye on things

 Plenty of herons about today

... and babies - titchy cygnets and even titchier moorhens on their mobile home!

Nearly at our destination just past that boat ...

11:30 all tied up, it’s been another slow cruise today past lots of moored boats and of course we need to go so much slower now through those bridge holes!

A quick lunch, washing on the line to dry and off to do the last bits of shopping - we’ve got visitors coming tonight!!!!!!!

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Adam said...

Good to see you the other evening.

The cyclist statue at Wolverton is because there used to be a velodrome on that site, apparently. The one the other side is made of railway tracks and has a train on it, because those buildings are the former railway sheds.

The fuel boat definitely says Ascot on it. The chap who runs it is very helpful, and the diesel is a good price -- certainly cheaper than MK marina and Willowbridge. We bought from him a couple of months ago, and can recommend.