Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Blog readers at Stoke Bruerne

After a meal in The Boat on Monday evening we dropped down the two top locks onto the 7-day moorings as we didn’t want to cause any problems on the 48-hour moorings if another widebeam came through the tunnel on Tuesday morning.

Whilst relaxing on the rear deck late yesterday morning a lady on the towpath caught our attention, she and her husband Mike follow our blog (among many others).  We invited her onboard and got chatting as you do, we gave her the tour and invited them round for drinks later too ...

We spent a very pleasant few hours over a couple of bottles of wine talking boats and people and cruises and unfortunate events and toilets (as you do (if you’re a boater that is!))

Left to right ... Mike and Marian (nb Duxllandyn), John (nb Renaissance) who is Mike’s cousin-in-law who informed us that his wife Janet would be green with envy as she would love to have seen inside Still Rockin' but she’d had commitments at home .

It was good to meet you and we hope that our paths cross again.
{Edited 11/7 - sorry Marian for the error}


Leo No2 said...

Thank you for your company and the red wine - very nice and relaxing.

As promised -

Carol said...

Hi Kathryn,
It was lovely to meet you properly yesterday, we thoroughly enjoyed the conversations over the tea and wine.

We follow nb Cleddau’s blog but obviously did not realise that George and Ken may have known each other in connection with Vulcan Bombers or RAF Waddington many moons ago! I’m sure the conversations if (hopefully when) we meet up with them will be interesting.
Looking forward to meeting up with you again in the not too distant future. Very best wishes. xx