Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Family banter and a surprise meeting

The family has arrived! Our daughter Sharon and her two youngest Joanne and Alice ...
It was Alice’s birthday on Monday so it was a cake, a candle and a song as soon as they arrived. 

Off cruising today in the hot sunshine a bit later than we would usually set off ...

 ... there was a lot more traffic about - the wide beam on the right wanted to pass us and then he met a boat coming round the corner and ended up in the trees.

 Alice helping Grandad to open Fenny Stratford swing bridge and lock gates - thank you AliB!
 A wide canal - thank goodness

... and the surprise meeting?  We’d just come through bridge 102 to see someone waving to us from the off-side... who can it be?

... of course we pulled alongside and had a quick catch-up, they both looked very well.  Sorry we couldn’t have the visit we planned but hopefully we’ll see you when we return to Militon Keynes at the weekend.

And the family?  A lovely lunch, a relaxing afternoon and a bbq to end a great day.  Fantastic!


Herbie Neil said...

It's SO nice to see Les looking so well!
Have a lovely time with the family, especially as you have so much more room ......... :-)
Kath (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

Hi Neil and Kath, good to hear from you. Yes it was good to see Les looking so well and so brown too. We’re having a ball with the family in the space. Regards to you both.

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

It was fabulous to see you both. You also look great and your new home is amazing form the outside. Enjoy your family time and we will catch up with you when we can for a meal and good long natter.
Love JaqX

Carol said...

Will look forward to that Jaq xx