Sunday, 6 July 2014

A slow boat on a chilly morning on Friday ...

We left our mooring at Nether Hayford at 06:50 in the drizzle and chilly wind for the 3.5 mile cruise to Gayton Junction ... 
and on the way we saw ...

FMC Gorse in BW colours ...

... remember Guy Martin?

We’d set off early because we knew there were lots of moored boats on both sides of the canal and the going would be slow.

This kit car looks as if it’s been here a long time judging by the weeds, it had a number painted on the bonnet so it may have been used for racing.

GUCC Alperton, a full length butty now in BW livery ...

The Grand Union Canal also suffers in some places with overgrown vegetation particularly here just beyond bridge 35.  The trees were brushing down both sides of Still Rockin’ ...

... looking back at that narrow passage.

Past Bugsworth Bugbrooke! Basin (thank you Adam)

Don’t you just love skew bridges!!!

What is she doing!

Pulling over to let a boat pass just after the skew bridge

Moored up between bridges 45 and 46 - it’s taken us 2.5 hours to do the 3.5 miles - as I said ‘a slow boat’!

We relaxed until lunch time on the back deck with the wheat(?) ripening in the field by the towpath but a noisy, busy railway on the other side.

One lady and her dogs.  The sheep had been shepherded by a Land Rover from the field below the railway line, up over the railway bridge and into the top field where this lady and the dogs were waiting (click to enlarge the photos). Watching whiled away an interesting hour.

George and I discussed our next move - we’re booked for a passage through Blisworth Tunnel at 8 am on Monday morning, we need a Tesco delivery and we need to use the services at Gayton Junction.  We decided that the first step would be to go for a walk to remind ourselves what the service are like, to walk to the tunnel to find a suitable mooring spot for Sunday night, and see if we can find an appropriate place for Mr Tesco to deliver to.

Built in 1936 by Harland and Wolf butty  Bordesley with  motor Greenock 
(Greenock doesn’t show up in the Historic Narrowboat Register, but when I put in the registration 167 it came up with Saltaire - one and the same??)

Another H&W boat Cygnus looks a little different from the HNBC picture and is now used for trips through the tunnel.

We saw butty Argus  over 2-weeks ago being poled through Norton Junction, it has quite a chequered history.  I wonder if he’s waiting for a tow through the tunnel?

Arrived at the tunnel entrance and there’s plenty of mooring along the way and just here for Sunday night.

The good ship Bones is moored along this stretch and we had a natter with her while she was painting the rear deck (I hope you’ve now found the atomic vector you were looking for Bones!)

We got back to Still Rockin’ having decided to move through bridge 46 and moor up for a Tesco delivery immediately after bridge 47 on the space before the long term moorings and most of the rest of the afternoon was spent putting on the order with a rather poor internet signal!

Saturday morning and those sheep were back in the lower field ...

... and we moved and moored as planned ... looking back at the turnover bridge 47.

George swabbing down the upper deck (roof) - he was getting 7amps through the solar panels (cloudy) but after they were wiped down it rose to 15amps - he is well pleased!
And last but not least - it’s always great to see Nutfield and Raymond out and about on the cut.


Unknown said...

So glad you are enjoying her. In that neck of the woods you should see NB Imeddit with two Salukis. Debs and Dave live aboard and are great fun. If you see them, please give a big toot, send our love and tell them we're having a great time xx

Adam said...

I hope it was Bugbrooke you went through rather than Bugsworth. That would have been quite a diversion, not to mention a bit narrow for Still Rockin!

Carol said...

lol! Thank you Adam - duly edited!

Carol said...

Hi you two, we’ll certainly look out for them and pass your message on. Continue having a great time - we think of you often! xx