Wednesday, 2 July 2014

An eventful day

Leaving our mooring yesterday morning at 8 am passing some working boats as we cruise ...

Jules Fuels again - Southern Cross

This is the first time we’ve passed an oncoming boat, we thought they would have pulled over in front of the boat on the left of the picture, but no they squeezed between us!
Weedon Junction

Work in progress ...

Weedon Wharf (Royal Ordnance Depot)

A busy scene as we approach Stowehill Marina and there’s a boat coming towards us; we pulled over and held Still Rockin’ on the ropes as the learner driver on a hire boat safely passed us.
Some very nice houses down this way.

Flore Lane Wharf

Nice barn conversion

Spiderworx at High House Wharf ...

Where Colin Dundas did a great job of painting Still Rockin’s registration numbers and George winded (turned) the boat twice for access to the other side and then to continue on our journey (so another first time)

Hand feeding the ducks at High House Wharf 

The Grand Union Canal is more like a meandering river going south from here

GUCC boats Balham and Edgware have been here for years.

Allowing a narrow boat to pass us just before we pulled onto the moorings just after 1pm where we awaited a call from Maxview re the satellite dish which didn’t happen!

... and to round off a very eventful day, a wonderful sunset.

I am so proud of George today, he took all the eventualities in his stride handling Still Rockin’ as competently as he ever did on nb Rock ’n’ Roll - my hero!


Sue said...

You are doing fine! Take your time and let the others worry about you! xx

Naughty-Cal said...

Nice to see you are enjoying your cruising after all the hard work with the boat build.

Do you have a cruising plan in mind? Any destinations in our neck of the woods? Would love to see the finished article in the flesh.

Carol said...

Thanks Sue - enjoy your family weekend on the Thames. xx

Carol said...

Thank you! Sorry no destinations in your neck of the woods I’m afraid - afraid that is of the North Sea!! We’re off to the Thames for the summer and probably back onto the GU for the winter months. Enjoy your epic journey up the coast!

Naughty-Cal said...

Thanks Carol. Cant wait until next Friday when we can set off!!