Friday, 4 July 2014

Nether Hayford

While we relaxed on the rear deck waiting for the satellite dish man to come this single cygnet came by and has been around for a couple of days, no siblings, no parents but he appeared to be quite content on his own.

Then along came the ice-cream man - it would have been churlish not to flag him down for a cone - lovely!
 9 o’clock yesterday morning (Thursday) we took a very short cruise just around the corner, we’d had a call from the Maxview rep to say that he’d be with us between 10 and half past and there’s a layby near the bridge where he can park.  He duly came and after eliminating everything else the problem appears to be the cable, so he’s left us a new one which worked and the R&D guy has sent George a diagram by e-mail so that he can check the connections in the old cable in case it can be fixed before having to ask Barn Owl Boats to come and re-wire the dish.

 Whilst having lunch on the deck Ruth and Richard came by on Comfortably Numb and butty Echo - a quick ‘hello, we follow your blog’ and they were gone.

After lunch we walked into Heyford to post a birthday card to our eldest grandson Adam who will celebrate his 21st birthday next Tuesday ...

Hayford Parish Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul going back to at least the 12th century ...

The font is lined with lead and its cover dates back to medieval times.

We continued to walk into the village centre passing the rather grand Hayford House ...

... walking alongside more modern houses fronted by this stream ...

... some very pretty streets and houses ...

Ashtree Cottage 

 Drake Hall for sale at a cool £625k!
Looking across the village green towards the excellent butcher and baker shops.
 As we walked back in the late afternoon sunshine the scent from the Common Lime trees was really lovely.
And to end a perfect day a bottle of gold label red wine a welcome to your new home gift from good friends Jennifer and Andy - thank you, it was superb!


  1. Hi Carol, George & Molly,
    Sorry to bother you but has the ice-cream boat really got 4 chimneys? And how on earth can he see round that cone on the bow, it must seriously restrict his view, guess it would be a height hazard too if it was a '99' LOL

    1. Hi Kevin, yes he really had 4 chimneys on his roof! As well as ice cream he also sells all sorts of items made from stainless steel, and yes that ‘cone’ was seriously obscuring his view - he wasn’t aware that his lady who was sitting in the bow was already getting our cornets as he approached us!


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