Friday, 11 July 2014

Stoke Bruerne

Stoke Bruerne on the Grand Union Canal as seen from our mooring
I took myself for a walk around this lovely village and wondered as I took this picture if Kathryn was at home ...

 Waterways Cottage and ...

... pretty houses round the village green ...

Rosebud Cottage above and delightful cottages on the other side of the green

I wondered where the ‘big’ house was that the dower would have lived before moving in here.

Visiting the Church of St Mary The Virgin which was disappointingly locked up, just as the clock struck midday.
The Swan family have found shade from the hot sunshine
Home again
Molly and I relaxed for a while, whilst George prepares some lunch after which we set off together for another walk ..

I purchased a flower pot from Ruth on Comfortably Numb and butty Echoes ...

... and we continued our walk along the woodland walk.

On the way back to Still Rockin’ we noticed that Kathryn’s door was open and we knocked ... she was pleased to see us and gave us a guided tour of her perfect house by the canal, it really is lovely, all mod-cons, extremely comfortable a very peaceful place with lots of activity going on outside the windows.

The pot that I bought looks lovely with the water can in the front cratch.

We had reciprocated Kathryn’s hospitality later yesterday afternoon when we spent an extremely pleasant hour or so over red wine getting to know her.  George and Kathryn having so much in common from her days of working with BA and George’s experience in the RAF.  Of course we gave Kathryn the Still Rockin’ tour too and she was greatly impressed.

We dined at the canal-side Navigation Inn last night and both ate a very tasty steak each.  I have to admit we were most surprised at the quality of the meal in a very busy establishment - well worth a visit if you’re cruising this way.
We shared the barn dining room with a family whom we met again as we walked home.  They were on a hire boat and we got chatting as we do; they were most interested in Still Rockin’ as they’d walked down the towpath to have a peak earlier so we asked if they’d like to take a look. Every one who has come onboard since we’ve been afloat have said what a wonderful home we’ve got.
(If we’d have charged everyone who’s done the tour a couple of quid, we’d be quite rich now!)

This morning we were up at 5am and by 6:15 were ready to take the rear canopy down when the rain came down instead.  We thought that perhaps it would just be a quick shower but at 10 o’clock it was still raining so we’ll move on tomorrow instead.  Isn’t it wonderful to be retired!!!

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