Monday, 14 July 2014


 The horse tunnel goes under the canal and under Still Rockin’
George is trying to decide what this fruit is that he’s found on the floor ...
 ... looks like plums to me.
 Some interesting and pretty houses in the village, above is the old school house

 Pretty cattle too although it was obvious when he moved that this one was very lame - a neighbour stopped by us and said that he would inform the owner.
 New houses being built too very sympathetically ...
 ... and the builder appears to have a ‘little helper'
 A very grand entrance, I think it’s to a hotel
 We walked passed the junction of the Buckingham Canal which we partly walked yesterday (for a future blog) and below Cosgrove Lock ...
 ... saw across the canal this lady spinning, what a beautiful sight.
It’s Cosgrove Festival this coming weekend - Raymond and Nutfield are already here and I think it will be very busy.

We shall be moving south early in the morning we’re collecting part of our Scottish family for a few days from Milton Keynes - I am so excited!

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