Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cruising, a cheerio and an hello!

Another early start on Tuesday morning, by 10 to 8 were were in lock 38 of the Marsworth flight where there’s a date stone of 1885 and 1914 on a couple of the lock bricks.
Making use of the facilities as Marsworth with the junction of the Aylesbury Canal to the rear of the picture
We were saddened to see that the White Lion is still boarded up, it used to be such a busy pub, I wonder what happened.
We took a walk round the reservoirs just after 3pm, the sun was still very hot.
A sad teddy waiting patiently!
Wednesday saw grand-daughter Alice (right) and her friend Ruth packed up and ready to start their journey back to Glasgow.
Off they go with George, taxi to Leighton Buzzard, train to Milton Keynes and onwards to Glasgow;  Still Rockin’ is very empty ... and quiet!
A couple of hours later whilst waiting for George’s return I had a visitor - Dave Winter who has been following the build and launch of Still Rockin’ and before that our adventures on Rock ’n’ Roll (among many other boating blogs).  It was good to meet you Dave, thank you for stopping to introduce yourself.


Dave Winter said...

Lovely to meet you Carol, see my blog you might recognise somebody :-)

Carol said...

You too Dave, looked at your blog and saw that person!!! Have also put it on my blog list so that we can see what you’re doing! Best wishes.