Saturday, 3 November 2018

On a bright and frosty morning ...

He have heard the resident Kingfisher(s) more than we've seen them!  We can hear the sploosh as they dive in the water and through the window George saw one dive from the top of Still Rockin' and fly off with a small fish of which there are many in the mill stream.  I've learned today that the difference between male and female Kingfishers is that the female has a pinky/orange hue on its lower beak.  I think the one above taken through the window, is a female but the colour is not as sharp as the the sighting we saw on  THURSDAY ... perhaps there is a pair!  Now that I know I shall look more closely each time.

Yesterday (2nd November) we woke to a hard frost with the promise of a clear blue sky ... George's bust is still sitting under the tree ... good to see.

A fluffed-up pigeon catching some sun

I washed my window nets yesterday and left them hanging overnight to drip-dry and of course this morning they were frozen stiff!
 Waiting for the bus to go into Henley
it is so beautiful around this area.

In Henley we paid a visit to the Travel Agency who have organised our extended trip to Australia in February next year to finalise the documentation ready for the final payment next week.

From there we caught the bus to Marlow (senior person bus passes really are the business for us!) to collect post from the post office and pick up a few provisions for the weekend.

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