Sunday, 4 November 2018

A look around ...

Hambleden Marina on Saturday (3rd October) ...

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the River Thames is currently at a very low level so I went for a walk around to see what was going on at the weirs ... firstly from the marina
 In the three winters that we've moored here I've never seen the water so low ... THIS is a photo I took exactly 2 years ago today as I write this post (Nov 4th 2016), and today there's no water at all spilling over the weirs!

 The swan is taking advantage of all the algae that has been uncovered due to low water
 Across from the weir stream to the Mill Stream and our mooring.  The marina owner's houseboat Gypsy Willow has come in and moored behind us, where we usually moor up and a narrowboat that we've not seen before is also in for the winter.
I think we'll be ok there, but we really could do with some decent rain (sorry!) to lift our bottom off the bottom!
 Walking over the bridge towards the marina exit ...
 Hambleden Mill and the Mill House ...
 and onto the weir bridge looking back at the converted Mill

 Not a drip of water!

 Seven of the eight sluices are closed and there's no water at all spilling over the top of them

 There's just this one open which is always open ... the water has to have somewhere to go or the river would dry up downstream!

 Looking back

 The whitewater canoeists can't be having much fun either ... with only the one sluice open the water is not white at all. Click HERE to see how it looked for the canoeist in November 2016.

Back at the moorings ...
 it looks like children have been playing here during the summer

and George is wearing well under the apple tree.

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