Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Wild life and sunset

Saturday (21st July) was no fresher after last nights rain, if the thunder and lightening happened during the night, we didn't hear it.
 We woke up to baby toads on the deck and on the gunwales!

 Mr and Mrs Swan with their 7 offspring came to call but soon left after realising they were not getting fed!

In-between the photos above and those below George and I were hard at work giving the inside of Still Rockin' 'a good bottoming' as my Mum would have said.  Whilst we've been away from the boat over the past 10 days or so it's been rather neglected and there were cobwebs and spiders on all the windows and in corners in all the rooms ... not any more though, we're spick and span once more.

A nice relaxed sunset to end a busy day ...

A hot, humid and very busy day, but worth it.

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