Sunday, 1 July 2018

We got a mooring at Days!

8:45 a bit later than planned on Wednesday (27th) we're nearly ready to move
The river water is so clear!
The plan for today?   Maybe Wallingford (if there's a meadow mooring available), if not we'll try Shillingford, and if not there maybe near Days Lock at Dorchester, but moorings there are like hens teeth!  We shall see ...

Looking back as we pass the Beetle and Wedge at Moulsford
The Church of John the Baptist was rebuilt in 1846 in the Gothic Revival style but still includes some of the medieval features and a 13thC lancet window.
We're always on the lookout for 'free' moorings and were pleased to spot this one opposite the church although it wasn't available to us today.

Under Isambard Brunel's railway bridge at Moulsford
there are long reaching views

This is the second WWII pill box I saw in the past few minutes, both now in gardens and I wondered if they were used for storage.
A great big 'swoosh' as the rowing eight had to put on their brakes as they realised on rounding the bend that we were there
and a couple of minutes later this cruiser was coming downstream on his left directly in front of us.  I swear he was playing chicken with us, but we couldn't pull over any because of the overhanging tree ... (bloody idiot!).
Chris on fuel boat Merchant returning downstream with an empty fuel storage tank.
It's useful to have eyes in the back of your head some days!

No moorings at Wallingford meadow although we did attempt to do so but it was too shallow so we continued on our way ...

The rule is to give way to craft coming downstream when necessary as at Wallingford Bridge today.
People and ...
cows enjoying a cooling off in the river

Keep the green bouys on your right when travelling upstream and this is what we're doing as we approach Benson Lock

although we had to greet the trees as we did so
The lock was on self service and there's a cruiser and a canoe in front of us.  After a bit of a shuffle we all managed to get into the lock with the canoe sitting very snugly alongside us (they would have been better going alongside the cruiser as it wasn't as wide as Still Rockin'), so it was a very slow rise with all parties involved hanging on tight!
I thanked the steerer on dutch barge 'Spot On' for his help seeing us through.

If you pass the green ones on your right then the red ones should be on the left ... as we leave the lock

The youngsters in the canoe have pulled over for a photo shoot
Lots of 'le boats' waiting for hirers at Benson Marina

What on earth is this hiding here?

it looks as if it may have been abandoned.
Approaching Shillingford bridge but once again there was no room for us on the moorings beyond
I've often looked for information regarding this building wondering if it was built as one dwelling originally.  It is now obviously not as there are now two partitions down to the bank (one wall and one hedge) and I can see today that at least the part nearest must be apartments as one of them is advertised for sale and could by yours for a million! I also know now that the whole property goes by the name of Shillingford Court!

The Boat House is also for sale see here for a mere £1.5M!

We continue to meander our way up river approaching Dorchester when we spy ... yes! .... a mooring.  
It wasn't quite long enough for Still Rockin' but that didn't' stop us! George climbed into the tree and wound the bow rope around it.  Brilliant!
Looking towards Days Lock
... and back down the river

and on the bank

The gate will lead us into Dorchester and the bridge goes over the confluence of the River Thame into the River Thames

And once again we're as
snug as a bug in a rug!

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