Monday, 30 July 2018

It's nearly all about the weather ...

Friday morning (27th) was another hot humid day and during the morning we were still banging on the old coping stones especially when the Salters trip boats are going past too fast. We discussed moving on but there's still weather warnings in force and with the probability of not getting a mooring if we do move decided to stay where we were. After lunch a boat in front moved on and quick as a flash we'd untied and moved up ... so much better!

and now our views are ...
slightly different but still good and best of all - no banging! You can see from the trees that it's very windy today.
 Salters Party Boat Wargrave passes with lots of people having a good time and although Still Rockin' moved forward and back we were fine.
 About 4pm we heard thunder in distance and 15 minutes later it started to rain
for all of five minutes!
On Saturday the wind was blowing at around 35 mph with gusts of over 60 and that continued through the afternoon and evening with very heavy rain.
What will tomorrow bring?


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Rain on Saturday and Sunday here in Braunston, but not too bad. A little spittle here today, but mostly warm and dry.
I think you'll be fine tomorrow!

Carol said...

I hope so Marilyn, could do with some really fresh air! Enjoy the canals and the summer. xx