Thursday, 19 July 2018

Largs ... {edited}

We arrived at our daughter's house in Largs at lunch time on Thursday (12th July)  after a 5 hour journey from son Mark's house and after lunch set off for a walk to Portencross Castle to meet up with our granddaughter Alice who has a summer job there as a steward.
We drove first from Largs through Hunterston Power Stations to the car park.  Click for more information on the nuclear power stations A and B
From there we walked with our daughter Sharon and labs Aero and Diesel ...
to the castle ...
along the Firth of Clyde

Known as the Three Sisters

Mary Spier Gunn's cottage where her murder took place over 100 years ago ...
and is still unsolved today.
From a distance this reminded me of a scene from Mama Mia
That's Alice!

Aero (brown) and Diesel (black) enjoying a cooling off in the river

Jelly fish left by the outgoing tide
The island of Ailsa Craig taken from the roof of Portencross Castle is now a bird sanctuary

Looking over the Clyde to the Isle of Bute {edited}
{edited this is not Largs, Thanks Sharon!}

What the castle may have looked like in its day.
Click here for a video for a birds eye view of the castle and its surroundings
Daughter Sharon, youngest grand daughter Alice and George before the walk back to the car and Largs.

A lovely afternoon.


Naughty-Cal said...

Lucky you. We love Largs but have never managed to be there when the sun is shining!

Carol said...

Gosh Rachael, you're the first boater/blogger that I've known that has even heard of Largs! Do you have a connection with the town?

Naughty-Cal said...

Liam's mum lives in Scotland in a little village called Lugton between Glasgow and Irvine. We tend to visit Largs whenever we are up that way.

Carol said...

It's a lovely town with everything a family could need, especially when the sun is shining!