Saturday, 7 July 2018

Preparing to go ...

It's been cooler today (Wed 4th July), about 23 degrees, much more comfortable
Just before 11 we're on the move, reversing away from our lock mooring
We're not going far but all in reverse
down Abingdon weir stream
where we'll pull in again just past the fisheries boat ... it was a very tight squeeze!
A few minutes later Richie (lock keeper) came to breast up the fisheries boat with the cruiser in front, the space created is for a 25' cruiser expected later
The view behind us
and the view over to the lock.

The afternoon was spent packing some 'stuff' as we're away for a couple of days; later we sat out on the grass ...

where we could see over on the lock

some colourful characters making a film

and a bit of a menagerie 

in Richie's garden!
8:45 and the sun starts to set
 That looks quite romantic but unfortunately it's not been done for me!


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