Sunday, 8 October 2017

Sunrise, sunset and the sunshine in-between

07:10 on Thursday (5th Oct) ...
... red sky in the morning, shepherds warning was true today, we had rain soon after this but not all day although it was a bit blowy ...
Just after 10 Sue and Vic were ready to leave for pastures new so we moved into the midstream 
whilst they they pulled out
... and whilst the inevitable plane passed overhead
... and George came back in to moor up again.
We later walked into Egham (about 2 miles each way) for a few essentials and then had a lazy afternoon
Friday was a housework day, but a good job done!
Saturday morning 20 strong males came dragon racing
... my mistake ... on their way back I noticed that one rower was female and doing as good a job as the blokes!
Hope this video works, if not click here for youtube (put your sound on)
Saturday afternoon was a general clear-out of the wardrobes - another good job done!
It's now Sunday and this was the sunrise this morning but so far (15:30) the day has been fine and warm - see those three swans?
My camera doesn't take photos quickly (clicking repeatedly) so it's just about impossible to have the camera on the sports setting to get a decent picture of something on the move on the spur of the moment.  I thought this one was not too bad though.

George has been busy today washing and polishing Still Rockin' whilst I've been doing the laundry and putting the vacuum cleaner and a duster round.  

Oh what a wonderful life we do lead!

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