Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bushy Park

 Sunday afternoon (15 Oct) still at Hampton Court visitor moorings we’re off for a walk to Bushy Park; we’ve not been here before
… it's linked to Hampton Court Palace.
It was very warm with no wind at all, definitely a summer’s day in autumn!
I was slightly alarmed to see this notice on the entrance as autumn is the breeding season for deer, but as the gates were open and traffic and pedestrians using them I’m assuming they are not culling today.
 I decided as soon as we went in that this was not going to be my sort of relaxing park walk
 … I can only think that cars use this as a thoroughfare as I just couldn’t believe all these were either entering or leaving the park for or after a nice walk

We walked down Chestnut Avenue to the roundabout (yes a roundabout!) in the middle of which is a pool with the grade I listed Diana Fountain statue/water feature. I’m sure at one time it would have looked magnificent as part of the  long view from the Palace, but today I thought in the middle of the traffic island that it was insignificant and deserved better.

 Red Stag and Hind very close to the road
The rebuild of Bushy House in the early 1700’s was the former residence of King William IV and was offered to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in 1902 and is not open to the public
After a coffee and scone break we started to make our way out of the park when on the pathway we met this stag. I really thought that these people we going to try to get even closer to him.
 I certainly wouldn’t want to feel the ends of those antlers
Fallow and red deer crossing our path!
The houses which back onto the park must have good views of the deer and I wondered what this huge building was. (See Hampton Court House below)

 Once out of the park we walked along the street in front of those houses.  The white one here would have been built before the rebuilding of Bushy House.

 Hampton Court House is grade II listed and built in 1757. Since 1996 it has been a co-educational independent school.
 Crossing Moseley Bridge and back to the boat.
I’ve enjoyed seeing the park but it really was not what I was expecting for a park, especially as we love the Home Park of Hampton Court Palace.  We probably won’t visit it again.
 Sunset at 5:40 from the back deck of Still Rockin'
… with a small glass of the red stuff.

Paul from wb Newlands who had returned to his boat whilst we were out came onboard and joined us for dinner.

A good end to a good weekend.

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