Monday, 16 October 2017

Retail therapy ... a walk in the park!

10 to 8 on Wednesday (11th Oct) and I'm walking to Shepperton Lock passing the still sleeping occupants of wb Newlands

The tail gate sluices were open so they needed to be closed before water could be let in to fill the lock for Still Rockin'
Sunbury Lock next on self service as you can see
We could see this police helicopter hovering over the houses as we approached the lock and it was still hovering in the same place as we left 15 minutes later

Sunbury is unusual in that it has two locks, one is mechanised and the other is still hand-wound which takes forever!
There's a very pretty garden here too with lots of colour too

Cruising through Hampton Wick and Port Hampton on Platt's Eyot

Waiting for the ferry man

Passing Astoria, Dave Gilmour's studio boat and noticed what looks like a cave in the garden but found out today that it's a access small tunnel with a barred gate.
Molesey Lock next with a lock keeper on duty

... and Molesey Bridge through which we get our first sight of Hampton Court Palace
We love this place, but not stopping here this time

I think this was once once of those submarine type pods and was probably someone's pride and joy
A pretty Dutch barge at Thames Ditton Marina
Also at the same marina - is this a Thames Barge?
We're soon at our weekend mooring
... at Kingston - time for retail therapy!

Autumn is definitely upon us as we take a walk in Home Park ...

The Lime Avenue
Hampton Court Palace from the end of the Long Water
We watched two crows hanging just like this in a young oak tree but we couldn't see what they were after

Does this need a bacon and eggs or 36DD?

This life is good!

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