Monday, 30 October 2017

A walk into Windsor

Thursday (Oct 27) continued ... time to relax
... after all the hard work of chainsaws and axes, the Thames was still like a millpond and we relaxed on the back deck and watched the world go by and the light slowly change, it's about 5pm.
I think this was the 3rd 'last bbq of the year' we've had so far!

The fire is lit and it'll be cosy when we move inside

It's that time of year

Lovely bright moon

It was another bright sunny day on Saturday when we decided to walk into Windsor approx 2 miles each way.  Although it was a bit of a cool breeze out in the open we enjoyed the walk.  We perused the shops and purchased a few necessities before repairing to the George Inn just over Windsor Bridge in Eton.  
My view from our window table for two
Crown Estate sirloin steaks were on the menu and they were truly delicious as was the Merlot we chose to drink.
A gentle walk home to Still Rockin', tired but happy just after 5pm.
Glowing sunset at 5:30
... and at 6pm.
Another perfect end to a perfect day.


Vallypee said...

It's not all that bad living the life you do, is it, Carol? Lovely weather, beautiful scenery and a wonderful historic town on the day's menu. Sometimes I wish I could just stop all this having to work stuff and enjoy such days when they come along too. As soon as I have any free time, it starts raining! Such is life. And I do like my work, which is a blessing after all.

Carol said...

We live a great life Val, for all those reasons you mention. We were lucky to have been able to retire from our busy jobs at 58 and start out on this new life, never looking back. We've not got lots of money but we're very happy doing what we do now. Yes, it is a blessing that you enjoy the work that you do, however you may have to make the decision to let go of work and start your next life adventure before it passes by in the blink of an eye, too late!