Sunday, 8 October 2017

It keeps getting better!

We awoke to another fine morning on Wednesday (4th Oct) and at 8 o'clock I'm off to Boveney Lock leaving George to bring Still Rockin'
The bottom gates and sluices had been left open so I closed them and started the water coming in then took the rubbish to the bins while I waited.  The lock keeper here likes his garden and I see that he's started a new one in this boat.
George is at last in the lock and descending.  Once he's through and  starts to turn and I've closed the gates I cross the little footbridge to the other side of the lock island to pick up Still Rockin's bow rope to tie up while we fill the water tank.
From here I can see across the Thames, across Windsor Racecourse and can see into Windsor Marina and beyond
By nine the sun is glaring again and we're glad we're travelling at a different angle today so that it's not reflecting off the water and blinding us.
There are some nice looking homes 
... as we pass through the sweeping curve in the river
... until we get to this one at the end.  I can't remember the house that has been demolished, but it must have had a bit more character than this one looks like it will have!  It looks like a multi-storey car park!
It sits in a nice spot though at the edge of the creek

Loads of mooring space at Windsor where we see that the old willow has at last blown over.  Not stopping today, we walked into town yesterday but might stop on the way back, we'll see.
Difficult today to take a good picture of Windsor Castle
... the sun gets into the camera lens.

Under Windsor Bridge heading for Romney Lock on the right ahead
I was chatting to the lock keeper whilst waiting for the lock to be ready for us.  For the past 10 years he's worked at Teddington Lock and is pleased now to be working here. He's living in the lovely lock house and is having to learn fast about how to garden but he's enjoying the challenge and the steady flow of boats passing through.
A distant view of the castle as we cruise past Windsor Home Park
Where work is going on at the lodge by Albert Bridge
Next lock is Old Windsor, on self service
... and we've caught up once again with the hire boat we shared with a couple of days ago. The lady set the lock and opened the bottom gates and then we arrived and I took over so that they could get out first without him having to stop to pick her up.
The trip boat was the only one we saw moving towards us today
This must be an EA hopper I think (but I could be wrong) as it has a boat on the top as well as a pair of old lock gates.
11o'clock and we spy wb Newlands, we know that Paul is onboard but that wife Carole is away.  If 'our' space is already taken we'll wind (turn) and more behind them with our stern to their stern
Not necessary though because spot number one was available and we were soon tied up and happy to be here again at Runneymede.
and our garden for the weekend
We'd thought that Sue and Vic were not arriving until Thursday so we were surprised to hear that they were on Runneymede's visitor moorings waiting for their Tesco deliver to arrive and would come round to us as soon as they'd packed their shopping away. The mooring space behind Newlands had been taken so we pulled out to let No Problem in and then moored up on the outside of them.
Time for a cuppa on NPXL, George, me, Paul and Vic.
A dramatic sky at 5pm ... can you see the airplane?

Like peas in a pod ... Sue and Vic are so please with their satellite dish
6:30 and the sun is lowering casting its glow on the now scudding clouds.
Another great day on the Thames!

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