Thursday, 29 October 2015

Tidal Thames on a good day!

 Yesterday afternoon half past two and we’re on our way 
 … into Teddington Lock 
… sharing the lock with this rather pretty dutch barge
and out onto the tidal Thames.
Following are photos of buildings we passed, some of them I know and some I don’t, but all impressive.
 Radnor House, Independent Day School
 Eel Pie Island - we go right here (not left as we did in the dark in November last year (click here for that post)
 Richmond Bridge
Soaking up the sunshine - it was certainly a lovely late October day
The sign points to the entrance at high tide - but still a bit of paddle!
The idiot in charge of moving these boats pulled out in front of us from our right and turned in what seemed to George to be a complete circle back to where he came from, so he pulled over to the left to pass them safely. Unbeknown to him the idiot decided to do the turn again in front of the bow out of George’s sight, fortunately I could see what was happening and George went into hard reverse to prevent what could have been a very nasty accident.  This picture was taken as they eventually passed us and he was arrogant enough to give us a ‘thank you’ sort of wave! Idiot!

The high tide caused some consternation and some amazement too as we passed through Richmond
 The little girl in the front was having the time of her life!
 Approaching Richmond Railway Bridge, Twickenham Bridge and Richmond Footbridge
 passing Richmond Lock, not needed today
 Nearly there!
The shiny metal structure is what we look out for when we’re leaving the Thames at Brentford.  Bearing in mind that the tide is ebbing (going out to sea) the current is still strong here as it’s less than an hour from high tide.
The dutch barge is crossing the stream, before beginning to turn, we have to go past the entrance to compensate for the force of the current which will push us broadside back downstream, we put on on all the power we have ...
 … still turning ...
 … nearly there ...
 … and we’re in!

We moored up on the wall as we left Thames Lock, although it’s only a short journey (1-hour 10-mins today) it completely wipes us out!

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Duke SF said...

Great photos. We used to live just downstream from Richmond and I was always astounded by the number of drivers/drinkers who ignored the high water warnings! Perhaps it takes the sacrifice of one auto per person to learn. Nice turn, I can't count the number times I missed it. Happy time in the "Somke." Duke